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Egress Windows for Basements in Independence, Minnesota

American Construction Services provides top quality Egress window installation for your home’s basement.

If you’re considering replacing, building or renovating your basement, Egress windows are a must. Mandated by local governments, these specialized window fixtures come with a set of requirements that need to be included in every new or replaced fixture. The experts at American Egress Windows, a company that is widely respected and highly rated in the Independence area, have installed hundreds of Egress windows and always ensure a job well done.

Egress Windows for Basements in Independence

Egress windows have become the new requirement in homes for one, simple reason: safety. The design requirements behind Egress windows support their use in that they must accommodate safe passage in and out of a home in case of emergency, such as fire.  These windows are required to be easily accessible with no locks on the interior and requiring no use of tools to open them. They must meet the height requirements of 24” with the opening needing to be at least 20” wide. Additionally, Egress windows can only reach a maximum of 44” from the ground. If you have a finished basement or plan on adding a living space to any part of your home or even if you’re just upgrading your window fixtures, you’ll need to abide by these regulations. American Construction Services is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to these strict set of requirements for Egress window installation. Don’t worry about putting your needs into the hands of an amateur and instead trust in the professionals at American Construction Services to get the job done right.

On the plus side, Egress windows come with the freedom of flexibility, aside from the minimum requirements. Egress windows come in many designs, the four most popular being casement, double or single hung, sliding and tilt turn. With so much variety to choose from and the option to customize and personalize the window well in which they sit, Egress windows allow you the opportunity to have a window fixture you can really call your own. With the help of American Construction Services, the selection process is made easy with input from professionals.

Adhering to their nine-step process with meticulous care, American Construction Services creates excellence with every installation. Not only do they install window fixtures, they also dig and build window wells. Window wells are the holes dug to provide a passage in and out of your Egress window. Some are built with stairs or terraces, but most are simply lined with material. Terrace and step options provide appeal and make the window well look like a well-designed part of your home. For a more functional, discreet approach, window wells made of plastic or metals are also an option. American Construction Services digs and installs window wells in addition to installing your Egress Windows. As a fully functional company, American Construction Services takes care of the job from start to finish, so you won’t have to worry about paying a separate contractor.

Whether it’s a home remodel you’ve been thinking about or even just replacing the windows in your Independence home to improve functionality and energy efficiency, you’ll need a professional to get the job done for you. It’s not a project you want to take on by yourself or even cut costs by using an inexperienced contractor. A job well done is worth the cost and you’ll only be saving yourself money over the years by curbing your energy, heat and cooling costs. New windows can not only save you money on your bills, but also increase the appeal of your home overall. Egress windows are a beautiful addition to any home amongst their many other benefits. So, why wait? Click below or call American Construction Services to get an estimate on your new installations and start saving right away!

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