Egress Window Information

    Engineering Elements

    An energy efficient home can be attained in many different ways, but the easiest and most impactful is by choosing the right windows. So much heat can be lost through your windows in the cold, winter months as can the conditioned air in the summer. To avoid the high costs of heating and cooling, windows should be chosen with careful consideration. Egress windows, which are those that are large enough to provide entry or exit in case of fire or emergency, satisfy both of these common desires as well as comply with city window demands.

    Egress Window Basics

    • The base of any Egress Window must be, at maximum, 44” from the ground.

    • The window opening must be 5.7 square feet, minimum.

    • The window must be user friendly, meaning it must be easy to open from the inside.

    • The window well must be at minimum 36” wide from the window pane to the side of the area well. There should be at least 9 square feet of clear space around the area well.

    • Wells more than 44” deep should have attached a set of steps or ladder.

    • Any window well should extend at least 8” on every side of the window to prevent both water damage and wood rot.

    Some cities and codes vary in their requirements, but must adhere to these basic requirements.

    When choosing the best windows for your home, it’s important to look for panes that won’t transfer heat into your home and will be resilient to the elements. Window engineering has advanced significantly since most older homes were fitted with window fixtures, providing new levels of energy efficiency and appeal. New windows completely block air passage and heat transfer so that your window constantly maintains the interior temperature of the home. They may even contain a slight tint, which only helps to further block the transfer of heat into your home. A well fitted window should never leak air and should always feel at or around room temperature to the touch. Any window that is experiencing ailments such as air leaks, condensation or radiating heat should be replaced or upgraded. A new window is the best long term solution for these common problems.

    Our friendly staff are always ready to go over our selection of windows fixtures and find the best solution for your needs.


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